3Back certified scrum product owner trainingThis two-day Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course puts you on the path to become a great leader for a team or teams. Product Owners are central to steering team energy toward results with real business value.

What are Product Owners?

Innovative business leaders who can champion an idea from strategic inception to tactical delivery. The CSPO is at the heart of any good idea that succeeds. Great Product Owners can originate from anywhere within a corporate hierarchy. The CSPO role should not be viewed as just Product Management since it must encompase much more to succeed.

Product Owner Challenge

Certified Scrum Product Owner Challenge

Certified Scrum Product Owner

  • Find & Deliver Value Faster
  • Navigate & Tame Complexity
  • Deepen Team Adaptation


A Product Owner is someone that is responsible for the success of a project. A Certified Scrum Product Owner is an industry recognized designation offered by the Scrum Alliance. As a CSPO member of the Scrum Alliance and you will have access to unique resources as well a community of practice for improving your skills. Successful completion of this course results in a CSPO and membership in  the Scrum Alliance. Product Owners must have the deep skills that are needed to navigate the  complex challenges of product development and channel the energy of a team to deliver results. The product owner is the role defined within the Scrum Framework. Note PMPs: This course counts for 16 professional development units.

Why 3Back?

Our training comes with each instructor’s applied industry experience. We demonstrate how creative human intellect can be pooled together to innovate new and better products. We focus on interactive patterns on both the customer facing side and team facing side. We make teams better. Better teams make better products.

It is vital that today’s agile practitioners be able to retain what they have learned and apply it to their jobs. Our training targets both interactive and non-interactive learning modes for adults. We move between patterns of conceptualization, agile analysis, dialog, simulation, creative making, individual reflection and group reflection to maximize the learning for adults. We train so that participants can put the ideas presented to immediate practical use.


  • Overview of Scrum
    • What is Scrum
    • Applied Scrum
    • Evolution of Scrum
  • Interactive Techniques
    • Innovation Games®
    • Open ended exploration of product ideas
    • Engaging Your team and Engaging your customers
  • Starting a Work Effort
    • Set a Burning Purpose
    • Product & Project Management,
    • Vision & Road maps
  • Size & Estimates
    • How much work do we have
    • Establishing a Predictable Core
    • Projecting
    • Managing Energy by Shifting Precision
  • Tracking & Reports
  • Prioritizing Work Flow and Release plans
  • Managing the Work
    • Analysis
    • Infrastructure
    • QA
    • Environments
    • Support
  • Run effective retrospectives
    • Shape the process
    • Shape the organizations
    • Shape the Work Flow
    • Managing expectations
    • Inspect and Adapt

Attendees will create work products (agile plans and retrospective reports) and use multiple tools during the session.

Learning Objectives

Our goal is to help you leave armed with the following techniques / skills:

  • Practical techniques for stimulating interactive sessions
  • How to write user stories for a product backlog and sprint backlog
  • Ways to prioritize the product backlog
  • Commitment Based Planning vs. Velocity Based Planning
  • Projecting a delivery and managing backlogs to support that delivery
  • Leverage team intelligence for better product development
  • How to Adapt plans and leverage feedback loops at every level of work
  • Techniques for involving stakeholders and how to balance through those interactions
  • Inform decision making better based on realities encountered

Who Should Attend

This course is for people who must master agile project / product management work. It is intended to help experienced practitioners focus on the difficult challenges of building great products:

  • Product management and marketing professionals (directors and product managers, technical product managers, and product marketing managers)
  • Product development professionals (analysts and user-experience/interaction/visual designers, application architects and designers, developers, and testers)
  • Project management professionals (project managers and project/team leaders)
  • Scrum course students (e.g. attendees of “Certified ScrumMaster”) desiring a “deep dive” into techniques for more effective Sprints
  • ScrumMasters who wish to improve their team’s sprint planning effectiveness
  • Agile development team members who want to better support product owners
  • Project managers who want to integrate agile plans with their organization’s traditional project management needs
  • Product Owners seeking better inform both strategic views and tactical team realities


  • Participants should have some familiarity with Agile, either by attending beginner Agile training or through some practical Agile experience.

Course Parameters

Length:         2 day Size:             Class will be limited to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 24 participants.    

Read our Policy on Cancellations, Reschedules, Substitutions and Retakes.

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