What is the 3Back Excel Scrum Planning Tool?

The Scrum Excel Planning Tool from 3Back can be used to track daily status for each sprint, sprint burndowns, track stories and tasks, as well as the Product Backlog. This is a bare bones tool for managing your team’s work.

Benefits of the Scrum Excel Planning Tool
  • This tool is absolutely free! There is no trial period and no commitment.
  • Minimal setup required.
  • Appropriate for approximately 15 people with clear goals and one product.
  • Simple and powerful tool to get started with a Scrum Team.

For a tool to handle larger teams, more products, and more complex communication and coordination we encourage you to look at our Scrum Planning Software Get To Done®.

How to Download the Scrum Excel Planning Tool

Step One
Like 3Back on Facebook.

Step Two
Click the Scrum Excel Planning Tool App.

Enjoy your sprint planning!

Scrum Excel Planning Tool from 3Back

This tool is made available under the creative commons for your use and modification, please attribute the source.

How to use the Scrum Excel Planning Tool

Start using the Scrum Excel Planning Tool by loading the known Product Backlog into the Product Backlog worksheet. Then work through your sprint planning to load the work for a given sprint. Details about how to derive and estimate the team’s capacity can be found in our blog post on Best Practices for Agile Planning. Make sure your sprint dates are correct!

After your current sprint is populated start working through stories and tasks. Make sure to diligently update your tasks to help keep your team focused on achieving the sprint goal.

Any additional questions on using 3Back’s Scrum Excel Planning Tool please contact us at anytime!

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