3Back Certified Scrum TrainingOur goal in coaching is aimed at helping others get better at what they do.

Why the “player directed sport” metaphor is useful

In a “player directed sport” the performance or outcome of the event is dependent on the player in the game. Coaching in this context is aimed at helping the player or team achieve maximum performance for rapid decision making. We don’t want a deficit in your skills, simply because we left. Our goal is to leave real skills in place that can continue to be applied when we are gone.

Our Distinction between Coaching, Consulting, and Training

The Coaching goal is to help others get better so when we leave there is little loss if any of applied skills.

Consulting, is our advanced services and it “puts our boots on the ground”. Our goal in consulting is to engage longer term and help with needs in product development.

Training is a basic staple; we talk about the ideas in a class room setting that provides enough time for students to actively and safely explore how they are reacting and thinking through the complex tapestry of social cooperative product development. Our goal is to provide enough skills so that they can return to work and begin applying what they have learned.


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