Add Certification to LinkedIn Profile

Congratulations on your certification! Get the most out of your new certification by adding it to your LinkedIn Profile and share it with your connections and friends.


1. On your LinkedIn profile, add a new “Licenses & Certifications” section.

2. Fill out the certification form:

  • Name: Start typing your certification name. Certification options will pop up as you type. Select the certification you’ve received.

  • Issuing Organization: Type and select “Scrum Alliance”

  • Issue and Expiration Dates: Enter the date you received the certification. Scrum Alliance certifications are valid for 2 years before they need to be renewed.

  • Credential ID: Enter the Credential ID from your Scrum Alliance Certificate. Certificates can be downloaded from your Scrum Alliance account dashboard.

  • Credential URL: Enter your Scrum Alliance profile URL

3. Share your certification with your connections!

  • If you don’t have the option enabled for LinkedIn to share profile updates automatically, create a new post letting your connections know about your new certification. Make sure to follow 3Back and tag us in your post!
  • Here’s a quick snippet you are free to use or write your own:
    “Check out my certification from Scrum Alliance I received through training at”