Agile Pathways® for Organizations

We focus our efforts on producing high performing teams. We use the agile framework of Scrum as our unifying concept. Our success is measured by the results of your well formed teams.

Applied Solutions

Classroom Training

Our high-quality classroom instruction makes the complex topic of Agile development approachable and understandable. We use guided discussion and powerful metaphors to change the way you think. Our training combines robust simulations, hands-on experiences, and a dialog driven approach for modern adult learning. We are also educational providers of Certified Scrum Training.

agile scrum pathways for organizations

Beyond the Classroom

Our training is often combined with in-house coaching. Coaching is a great way to pick up where the classroom left off. Working in an applied manner results in a better adoption of agile. Business value delivered is how we understand the success of our applied effort.

Agile Pathways® – Digging In Together

Ignite and sustain your agile practice with an Agile Pathway. Many of our engagements start with an assessment and initial on-site consultations that improve the impact of agile adoption. Ask for an assessment-based start and build your pathway today.

Our Team

Our instructors and consultants are experts at manipulating their subject-matter, materials, and exercises in a fine-grained manner, to quickly implement service packages for your needs. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you, to create customized approaches which meet your organization’s development demands in flight. We have Certified Scrum Trainers and Trained Facilitators on staff.

Scrum Development Training Courses

Agile Distributed Teams – 2 days

Agile methodologies warn about the difficulty of non-collocated teams, but off shoring, multi-cultural, time zones and scaling on-demand are all realities of today’s business. Tools and intra-team protocols are keys to an effective “distributed” Agile process. This course focuses on creating, joining, and improving “distributed” work patterns so that the promise of agile in speed and quality (4x) can be realized.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – 2 days

Participants learn how to facilitate, coach, and lead an agile project by ensuring proper execution of the Scrum framework. An understanding of Scrum basics is a prerequisite. This course qualifies attendees for certification by the Scrum Alliance.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) – 2 days

An advanced, immersive course that blends theory, simulation, and real application. This course arms attendees to support or become a Product Owner that champions business ideas forward.

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD-Beta): Tools and Practice – 3 days – BETA

Many organizations are moving to a more effective agile development process with the aim of delivering more business value quickly. Scrum has become the most widely recognized agile method of choice and has established a solid track record of success. This course unites the Scrum Product Development process with concrete engineering practices. A creative core is enabled that builds quality in each step.

Implementing Scrum – 2-3 days

Use this course as a jump start for teams in Scrum and Agile development. This course is taught by an experienced Scrum / Agile coach and trainer. Attendees gain the understanding of Scrum fundamentals with a hands-on simulated project experience. Working collaboratively in teams, an actual product will be developed using Scrum. Attendees will experience the trinity dynamics of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team. When possible a Transition at Scale approach will be used. Ideally this course is delivered with a final day that shifts from classroom to real work.

Advanced Agile Services

Igniting and sustaining your agile practice is a pathway that must be created and then walked. Our approach is to create a pathway with you tailored to your unique organizational context. Advanced services involve broad plans for agile adoption and tuning. For that purpose we have created our Agile Pathways program. We leverage the proven techniques of Innovation Games® to bring out your best.

We offer special seminars, executive briefings and mini agile training workshops that allow for busy business schedules. We realize that many leaders have constrained patterns of availability and cannot attend training for long periods of time. If you cannot afford the time, then a small modular delivery of applied concepts is recommended. This will allow you to move between theory and practice in small incremental steps. Consulting to supplement that move to practice is recommended.

To deliver these engagements, we do a layered pattern of (1,2,3) pre-planning => delivery => post processing.

Please contact us for additional details. Full course descriptions, testimonials, and course schedules are available.