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Kanban Vs. Scrum

As much as we love scrum, even we would have to admit that it’s not perfect. Nothing is. In fact, a large part of our book describes workarounds for various deficiencies that scrum presents to us in certain circumstances. Read More

How do you fill a sprint?

After a Story is committed to, the Team (with the PO in the lead) has the option to reprioritize the Story list, and the Team takes the next one to consider. Read More

Should we extend Scrum?

The idea here is that there can be only one source for Scrum knowledge. I guess that depends on where you get your definition from and what you need. Should there be only one way to think about scrum? Read More

Are Placeholder Stories Ok?

This is a way to track how much unknown work is showing up and manage the amount by triggering a conversation when needed. One of the most common issues for scrum teams is what to do about work that we expect to have to do during a Sprint, but don’t actually know the details about yet, such as bugs we have to fix in existing systems, or expected sales support efforts. Using Place holder stories is a a method to manage these “known unknowns”. Read More

What You Should Know After CSM Workshop

This is a great read and summarizes what should be learned in a CSM course. As you read remember this is something that you have to learn is true and the only way we have found to teach people this is for them to apply the scrum framework to their jobs. Read More