Your Ticket Out Of Crazy Town:
How Scrum’s ‘Guardrails’ Protect Teams From Chaos


As we stated before, Scrum is for developing in Complicated/Complex environments. This ties nicely to the Cynefin (ku-NEV-in) framework, which breaks Decision-Space into four areas: Clear, Complicated, Complex, and Chaotic. The detailed definitions aren’t important to us right now; the only thing we need to know is that Chaos is very bad. Chaos makes things…

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How To Do Large Scale Scrum [Infographic]

Large Scale Scrum

Many large organizations find it hard to deliver valuable Results to their Stakeholders. Their size makes it difficult to adapt to the fact that both the realities of delivery and the Stakeholder’s minds change in unexpected ways. That’s when systematic scaling of Scrum becomes critical to an organization’s success.

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What Do You Do When You Finish a Sprint Early?

finish a sprint early

So, let me talk about the easy stuff first. One of the best things that can happen to a Scrum Team is that it finishes its work early in a Sprint. It amazes me that Teams are confused about what to do, but they are. So here goes… If the Team finishes early, it seems to me there are two choices:

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Three Layers of Prioritization [Infographic]

Prioritization is arguably the most important thing in Scrum, as Scrum is about incremental delivery in order to provide value and feedback. In a nutshell, prioritization determines the order in which the value is produced, and thus drives what feedback is sought.

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How The Release Sprint Gets The Product Out The Door

Imagine you are the Team’s Product Owner at the Product Review, and the Sales Manager says, ‘That looks good! I can sell the heck out of that. Give it to me NOW! Ship that puppy!’ Now what? Are you going to say: ‘I’m sorry, we’re not planning to deliver this System for ten more weeks.’ Of course not! You’re in the value-delivering business. You’ve got to figure out what you need to do to get the system shipped.

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Why The Startup Sprint Delivers Immediate Business Value

Agile development is all about delivering valuable Results early and often, in order to receive and incorporate feedback as soon as possible. Many of the Organizations we coach are convinced that it will take months before they can write any code that produces business value. Is this a reasonable fear? How do we get past this fear?

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9 Surefire Steps to Spring Clean Your Backlog

The closest thing we have to spring cleaning in Scrum, is Backlog Refinement. Scrum Backlog Refinement includes moving Stories into the Back Burner and further refining them until they are Ready to go to Planning. In order to do this there are some basic things that must be done…

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