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Leading A Team From The I-Stage To The We-Stage

Teams, like people, grow through developmental stages. I would like to focus on one of the key challenges a Team faces: moving from the I-Stage (where everybody is focused on personal knowledge and expertise) to the We-Stage (where the group becomes a genuine Team that is synergizing their collective abilities). Read More

How To Solve Toxic Team Norms

How is it that Teams sometimes encourage people to be less accountable, in the guise of caring for them? As Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp described in The Well-Formed Team™, Team Members do whatever chores are needed to support the work they are supposed to be doing, and are given slack but don’t get to slack off. Read More

Reawakening Retros: Good Habits versus Bad Routines

Reawakening retros: Good habits versus bad routines. “We had a few good Retrospectives, but they stopped working;” “I don’t know what the point of this is anymore;” These are the kinds of things we say when a repeating process like Team Retrospectives that used to work or maybe seemed to work once has stopped feeling useful. Read More