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Scrum Methodology

Scrum Methodology is a modern approach for developing complex products and often software products. Scrum like agile in general marks a dramatic departure from classic methodologies (often called waterfall but, this is not an appropriate name) which have been known for their strong structured upfront approach. Read More

ScrumMaster Training

Mastering Scrum requires more than a 2-day course can provide. Training can help you begin mastering scrum. Leading a scrum team as a ScrumMaster is radically different than traditional project management. Traditional methods of plan, instruct, and direct are replaced with facilitation, coaching, and leading. Read More

Information Radiator

Getting the right information radiator can help you teams focus and succeed. Big visible display boards help people find where to spend energy. Read More

Scrum Training

Scrum training is delivered by several organizations around the world. Identifying good sources of scrum training is a challenge. On this blog I would like to say ours in the best but, how do you really know what you are getting? Read More

Agile Analysis

Move your teams forward. The goal of analysis is to find opportunities to move. Great products are built this way. Read More