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Information Radiator

Getting the right information radiator can help you teams focus and succeed. Big visible display boards help people find where to spend energy. Read More

Scrum Training

Scrum training is delivered by several organizations around the world. Identifying good sources of scrum training is a challenge. On this blog I would like to say ours in the best but, how do you really know what you are getting? Read More

Agile Analysis

Move your teams forward. The goal of analysis is to find opportunities to move. Great products are built this way. Read More

Certified Scrum Developer

The Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer CSD program is an intense training session for software development professionals. Read More

Microsoft Agile

Yes, Mircrosoft is agile in parts and they are poised to become much better at the practice of agility. Read More

Kanban Vs. Scrum

As much as we love scrum, even we would have to admit that it’s not perfect. Nothing is. In fact, a large part of our book describes workarounds for various deficiencies that scrum presents to us in certain circumstances. Read More

How do you fill a sprint?

After a Story is committed to, the Team (with the PO in the lead) has the option to reprioritize the Story list, and the Team takes the next one to consider. Read More