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The 1 Thing About The Scrum 3.0 Conference Your Team Wants To Know.

Our first Scrum 3.0 Conference in Chicago last week was the stuff Scrum Practitioners and Agilistas get excited about. It was a full day of experiential learning geared for the complex challenges of an Agile workforce. And the energy and feedback around Scrum 3.0, the most Agile version of Scrum that exists, was clear throughout the day’s events. Read More

A Day In The Life Of A ScrumMaster

The daily life of a ScrumMaster is anything but mundane. Play along with one ScrumMaster as she facilitates, plans, and runs interference all in the name of becoming a Well-Formed Team™. Read More

End of School year Throwback: 5 Must-Haves for Great Story Writing

Come sit cross-legged on the carpet in the front of the classroom and let’s learn about the 5 elements you need to write a good Story, Scrum-style. (Don’t worry. If the thought of sitting cross-legged on the floor makes your joints ache, we’ll give you a pass, and you can stay at your desk...) Read More

The “Sashimi Method” For Building Software

So… we know that we’re supposed to be developing software incrementally, using an Agile process like Scrum. We know we should be building our software a little bit at a time — coding, testing, and reviewing as we go, right? What does this actually mean? What do the increments look like? How big are they? How small are they? How do we find them? Read More

4 Ways Mothers Truly Are The Mother Lode of ScrumMasters

To mothers worldwide, Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve it. To say being a mother can be a thankless job merely skims the surface of the realities of the maternal role. It reminds us of another, at times, thankless job we all know: the ScrumMaster. The similarities between the two roles don’t end there... Read More

The Agile Team as Organism: Part II Why Highly Specialized Teams Must Evolve

Last week in the blog, The Agile Team as Organism: Part I, I wrote about Scrum Teams operating as organisms within an ecosystem. Some Teams find their environmental niche very cozy, so much so that they specialize to a degree that can make them vulnerable to changes in the broader ecosystem. As we all know software companies and software operations within other types of companies both operate in notoriously changeable business and technological environments... Read More

The Agile Team as Organism: Part 1

In his brilliant book Agile Software Development (2002)[1], Alistair Cockburn describes Agile Teams as ecosystems. He talks about how Teams create their own internal ecosystem, with certain Team members frequently having a disproportionate influence on how the Team develops and, more importantly, how the Team learns to work in its broader environment. Recently the thought struck me that Agile Teams are actually much more like an organism living in a broader ecosystem, rather than the ecosystem itself... Read More