The Easiest Way To Strengthen Your Scrum Fundamentals [ebook]

The Easiest Way To Strengthen Your Scrum Fundamentals - 3Back LLC

Whether you’re new to the world of Scrum or have years of Sprints under your belt, wrapping your head around Scrum’s fundamental framework is an undertaking. That’s why we wrote our most popular ebook, Scrum 101.

Simply put, Scrum 101 offers Teams real-world ways to apply the Agile model to get the job done right. Scrum 101 is written in a digestible, usable format to hone your Scrum skills with a keen eye and take big steps toward reaching the ultimate goal of becoming a Well-Formed Team™.

New for 2017

The topics covered in Scrum 101 provide a broad base of mastery in the areas of Scrum Roles, Scrum Events, and Scrum Artifacts. New for 2017, we’ve updated Scrum 101 to reflect the latest Scrum Foundation Learning Objectives (LOs) prescribed by Scrum Alliance® for certified coursework. These Learning Objectives, derived from Scrum Guide[1], Agile Manifesto, 4 values and 12 principles[2], and Scrum values[3], take into consideration that:

  • Every implementation of Scrum is different.
  • Teams and organizations apply Scrum within their context, but the fundamental framework always remains the same.

Are You Preparing for CSM Training?

Or getting ready to enter your first Sprint? Or not sure what we mean by the term Scrum Artifacts? It’s time to build your Scrum strength. Scrum 101 is up for the task.

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As Always. Stay Agile.

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