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Our Top 5 Tips for New CSM’s

You completed 3Back’s Certified ScrumMaster training. You passed the necessary exam. You even framed your certificate. You are a full fledged, card carrying CSM. So, Now What? Read More

What To Do When Your Team Can’t Finish its Sprint

Having a Team that just can’t finish what it agreed to do in a Sprint is, by far, one of the more painful situations we have in Scrum. This situation may make the Team Members feel bad about themselves, and they may want to do these Stories no matter what… Read More

How To Solve Toxic Team Norms

How is it that Teams sometimes encourage people to be less accountable, in the guise of caring for them? As Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp described in The Well-Formed Team™, Team Members do whatever chores are needed to support the work they are supposed to be doing, and are given slack but don’t get to slack off. Read More

The Rise and Fall of Insurgent Scrum

Back in January, I identified three originators of an organization’s move to Scrum: a top-down initiative, a move from the middle outward, or a bottom-up approach called Organic Scrum. I laid out 3 organizational requirements for Organic Scrum to thrive. There is, however, another way in which Scrum can get started in an organization... Read More

The Secret Behind Building Trust

The issue of trust is everywhere. Trust in our media, our leaders, our relationships. You can’t watch a nightly news broadcast that doesn’t mention how trust is permeating our daily lives. How does the issue of trust impact how we establish working relationships, get along on a Team, and (when you get right down to it) get our job done? What is the secret behind building trust? Read on and find out... Read More

The 6 Scrum Values Your Team Needs To Excel

With The Big Game around the corner this Sunday, ‘Team Talk’ is everywhere. Whether it’s sportscasters’ analysis of which football team will triumph on the gridiron or office water cooler debates over which defensive line is truly the best, what everyone is really talking about is Teams. As Scrum/Agile practitioners and tried and true football fans, we know two things for sure... Read More