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The Secret Behind Building Trust

The issue of trust is everywhere. Trust in our media, our leaders, our relationships. You can’t watch a nightly news broadcast that doesn’t mention how trust is permeating our daily lives. How does the issue of trust impact how we establish working relationships, get along on a Team, and (when you get right down to it) get our job done? What is the secret behind building trust? Read on and find out... Read More

The 6 Scrum Values Your Team Needs To Excel

With The Big Game around the corner this Sunday, ‘Team Talk’ is everywhere. Whether it’s sportscasters’ analysis of which football team will triumph on the gridiron or office water cooler debates over which defensive line is truly the best, what everyone is really talking about is Teams. As Scrum/Agile practitioners and tried and true football fans, we know two things for sure... Read More

The 3 Major Risks Of Skipping Retros

Ahhh....the New Year. You can practically smell the eagerness and enthusiasm of resolutions in the air. It’s time to start fresh, set some personal and professional goals, and give them the old college try until...ah...around January 10th or so. What happens around January 10th? Read More

4 Scrum Stats That Management (And Your Team) Need To Know

In this season of thanks, we at 3Back are thankful that Scrum continues to prove itself as an influential, effective, and expanding Agile methodology. Despite our gratitude, we also know that there are others out there (maybe it's your management or that Team Member who is less than thrilled with the recent switch to Scrum) who may need a little more convincing. Read More

8 Reasons Why You Should Stand For Your Daily StandUp

Why stand during the Daily StandUp? (Or Daily Scrum, as it is also commonly known.) I’ve been asked this question surprisingly often in recent training classes and coaching engagements. The easy answer is that standing with your Teammates for a few minutes every day is a part of Scrum. “You’ll have to do better than that….” Okay, let’s do better then. Read More

7 Signs Your Team Needs an Outside Coach

As a Coach called into an organization to do something very specific, say, help get teams over the hump on continuous deployment or test-driven development or acceptance test-driven development or something like that, a conversation with the sponsor frequently goes something like this... Read More

4 Ways to Adapt Scrum To Your Distributed Team

Scrum with a distributed Team brings its challenges. That’s exactly our reality within 3Back. As a fully distributed Team, we’ve learned that it takes having the right tools in place to adapt Scrum so that your distributed Team has the greatest success. Read More

Why Size Matters

We at 3Back maintain that size impacts how well we “do Scrum.” Rather than talk about it behind closed doors, we present you an open and honest discussion about why size matters. Read More