Scrum Handbook: Servant Leadership And Scrum Mastering

Scrum Mastering is a servant-leadership role. That’s a given. The phrase servant leader, first coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in his groundbreaking essay, The Servant as Leader, defined the role as focusing “primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the 'top of the pyramid,' servant leadership is different." Read More

The PO and SM: A Match Made in Agile

Every year as the middle of February approaches, our world is taken over by little red hearts, cherubic cupids hoisting arrows and foil wrapped drugstore chocolates. The heavily scented fragrance of Valentine’s Day is in the air. For us at 3Back, even though the holiday has come and gone, our thoughts turn to partnerships that stand the test of time; a Scrummy yin and yang where complementary forces interact to create something great. We think we found it. Read More

The Top 5 Ways ScrumMasters Can Kick Impediments to the Curb

In Modern Scrum, we define an impediment as anything that causes the Team to not be at its best. That’s an intentionally broad definition because impediments come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, impediments look like fears, sometimes they look like risks and sometimes they look like problems. Regardless what shape they take, we all know the negative effect impediments can have on the Team. Read More

The 7 Essential Roles To Be the Best ScrumMaster

The ScrumMaster is seldom a ‘Master of Scrum;’ but the ScrumMaster’s primary responsibility is to help the Scrum Team use and improve its use of Scrum. This isn’t simply for Scrum’s sake; it’s because the Team needs to get better at doing what the Product Owner needs it to do. In practice this means that the ScrumMaster works with the other Team Members to help the Team produce Quality Results at a rapid, though Sustainable Pace. Read More

2 Very Compelling Reasons To Never Ever Have The Boss Be The ScrumMaster

Boss’s Day is October 16th. Regardless of how you commemorate this Hallmark card-inspired holiday, it goes without saying that the Boss plays a significant role in your Agile work environment. It also goes without saying that being a successful ScrumMaster[1] is hard. The ScrumMaster’s ability to be the eyes and ears of the Team requires a particular skill set. Read More

A Day In The Life Of A ScrumMaster

The daily life of a ScrumMaster is anything but mundane. Play along with one ScrumMaster as she facilitates, plans, and runs interference all in the name of becoming a Well-Formed Team™. Read More

4 Ways Mothers Truly Are The Mother Lode of ScrumMasters

To mothers worldwide, Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve it. To say being a mother can be a thankless job merely skims the surface of the realities of the maternal role. It reminds us of another, at times, thankless job we all know: the ScrumMaster. The similarities between the two roles don’t end there... Read More