Certified Scrum Developer (CSD & ALM)

Certified Scrum Developer – 3+2 = 5 days

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) provides technical training. If you are looking to train your Development Team on the Scrum Framework, we suggest you start with Scrum for Teams.

We have worked closely with the Scrum Alliance and Microsoft to develop a new training course:  Effective Scrum Developer using Visual Studio 2010. The course is now publicly available. Please contact us to schedule your course.

The new course covers scrum developer practices within the context of Visual Studio 2010.

To become a Certified Scrum Developer follow our 3 + 2 program. Our 3 + 2 program works as follows:

Take our 3 day Effective Scrum Developer
Our 2 day Certified ScrumMaster or other qualified Scrum training class and become a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD).


At the Scrum Gathering in Orlando 2010, the new CSD program was announced by the Scrum Alliance. We sponsored the Orlando Scrum Gathering and announced our support and roll out for the new CSD program. 3Back helped to launch the new program.

Effective Agile Development, a sister company and premier partner, working in conjunction with 3Back, a Scrum Development Company, proudly developed and offered this training.

  • We are excited to present Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) in the context of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Application Life Cycle Management (ALM).
  • Our goal is to bring better technical focus to the engineering practices that support agility. Help Scrum Masters grow their teams by focusing on relevant technical skills to improve their applied engineering agility. It is our belief that the CSD will generate a better focus for modern agile software development practices.

About Tools

The practices for skilled agile software development are agnostic tools but putting agile practices to use rarely is. As the complexity of our tools increases, the problem of learning agile engineering practices becomes more difficult. Training needs to span from theory to applied practice, in a tool specific context, so that concepts become skills that are tool agnostic.

This course forms part of our core of our Agile Pathways® program.