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Feedback on Our Coaching and Training

Subject: Thank you….ScrumMaster Certification

It’s been almost a couple of weeks now since our ScrumMaster Certification training in Chicago. I wanted to let you know how great I thought the training was – and how much I enjoyed it! Thanks for putting together such a great class…and for the fun delivery of the training. It was a very short Sprint with a definitely successful end product! KUDOS!!!

Best Regards,

Alison A. Berger
Principal Consultant – CSM, PM

Subject: Humming: Product Owner Training and Agile Team Training

The Scrum training was invaluable and between the team training and my training with you on Product Ownwership, we are humming.

Tim Johnson – Senior VP Avidxchange

Feedback from Our Advanced Services

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Independent Review On LinkedIn

“Doug led a 2-day Agile foundation seminar for a 14-person software development team at Vanguard which went on to demonstrate productivity and quality gains which changed the way Vanguard looked at software development. Doug’s experiences helped management understand expected challenges and highlighted intangibles not found in the standard Agile and Scrum texts. Doug is a great consultant and teacher, and pays particular attention to people aspects of technical teams.” April 28, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Doug is quite possibly the most inspiring manager I have ever worked for. His ability to break the problem down and see it in a different way, coupled with his trust of those who work for him, gave us the desire and ability to succeed. The environment he created allowed our team to come up with the most innovative solutions possible in a rapidly changing, highly demanding environment. With the wrong management, it would have been very stressful – with Doug as our manager, it was the most exciting, dynamic working experience I’ve had. His ability to organize projects into logical pieces, making sure that those interdependencies were handled, made it possible for each of us to be the experts in our own subject matters, while getting the overall job done. His communication skills are fantastic, and he’s the sort of person whose engaging personality encourages people to do their best work.” May 29, 2007

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