Done: A 3Back Scrum White Paper.

The Done White Paper Header

As work becomes more complex and involved, many Agile Teams frequently find themselves immersed in an interesting mix of projects where it is not obvious how to “Get to Done.” These Teams are challenged with the deceptively simple question: What does “Done” mean and how will I know when I am finished?

What if there were a fundamental equation that helps Teams to seamlessly answer that question?

There is. And you’ll find it in our newest white paper, aptly titled, Done.

The Done White Paper will help you:

  • Understand why shifting your focus from “Getting it Done” to “Getting to Done” is a crucial step in awareness.
  • Identify and appreciate the intrinsic concept of Professionalism and how pride in craftsmanship cultivates what Done looks like.
  • Realize the harm in establishing a Definition of Done before there is clarity with work.
  • Explore how Acceptance Criteria, Team Norms, General Agreements and Standards of Care are vital to your Team’s ability to successfully Get to Done.
  • Discover the integral aspect of Due Diligence and its impact on the individual, the Team and the organization.
  • Leverage your mastery of the real-world equation for Done to detect and engage in the right conversations at the right time.

From Our Readers:

“Last week, I used your White Paper “Done” to introduce a new SCRUM team to the concept of Definition of Done. I literally printed out 10 copies and had the group read the White Paper. They loved it! The maple tree story is genius! What a simple but powerful way to explain the concept of getting to done. That set the stage for the group to work on definition of done that comes from the team, is for the team, and elevates their work to a new level of professionalism that fills each team member with pride. It adds to meaning and purpose of work.”    Matthias J.