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Certified ScrumMaster + IG — Bay Area (Sunnyvale)

March 7 - March 8


11 out of 24 available
Certified ScrumMaster + IG — Bay Area (Sunnyvale) — March 07-08 2017$1,260.00 $980.00
Early bird sale ends 02/28/17


Date and Time:
March 7-8 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm daily
Certified ScrumMaster + IG


Senior Agility Instructor & President


Conteneo Headquarters
1296 Keifer Rd., Suite 601
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 United States
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A Fundraiser for Every Voice Engaged Foundation

All net proceeds from this class go to support the Every Voice Engaged Foundation (EVEF)

EVEF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to solving complex, multifaceted issues through collaborative civic engagement. EVEF brings ordinary citizens into the conversation with governments, nonprofits and industry to solve challenging and divisive issues such as municipal budgeting, community redevelopment, urban planning and natural resource planning (such as the current water crisis in California). Learn more about how EVEF makes a difference.

Certified ScrumMaster + Innovation Games

Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: None
Required Reading: Scrum 101: A Pocket Guide
Outcome: CSM eligibility, Innovation Game Framework credits, Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) Yellow Belt

Additional Benefits: Lifetime access* to Get To Done®, 1-year professional license to Conteneo Weave (Conteneo Collaboration Cloud)

Why Attend 3Back’s Certified ScrumMaster + Innovation Games Training?

Earn 2 certifications during this interactive, dynamic 2-day course! Throughout the class, you will engage in multiple small group activities using Conteneo’s Innovation Games and Collaboration Frameworks to reinforce learning and maximize your understanding and retention.

What you get…

  • Engaging Scrum training from a leading industry expert with decades of practical experience
  • As a 3Back public course participant, you’ll receive free lifetime access* to the Scrum planning and implementation tool Get To Done® (a value of $60 per year). *Access expires if account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months.
  • 1-year professional license to Conteneo Weave (formerly Conteneo Collaboration Cloud)
  • 14 PMI® PDUs
  • 14 Scrum Alliance SEUs
  • Innovation Games Framework credits
  • Recognition from the Scrum Alliance as a Certified ScrumMaster after successful completion of the assessment given by the Scrum Alliance
  • Free download of Scrum 101 the e-Book. Get the introductory scoop on Scrum. Learn the basics on Scrum roles, events and artifacts.
  • Refreshments and delicious lunch served both days
  • Hot coffee available all day long
  • A two year membership in the Scrum Alliance (a $50 value)
  • Course kit includes a color workbook/reference guide, sprint planning cards, and job aids

Who Should Attend

  • People on all levels of the corporate structure dealing with rapidly changing demands
  • Facilitators, Product Managers, Testers, PM, Analysts, Developers, Managers, Directors, CIO’S, CTO’s, CMO’s, and CEO’s

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Although this is an introductory class, it is strongly recommended that students have a basic understanding of Scrum and agile.

Benefits of Scrum Framework

  • Rather than plan, instruct and direct, the agile project manager facilitates, coaches and leads.The ScrumMaster uses the framework to help the team mature.
  • The roles of ScrumMaster,  Product Owner  and Team form a triangle that sits at the core of the Scrum Framework.
  • Scrum describes several patterns for helping the team improve it’s velocity so that it can deliver on the promise of product development.

Get To Done®

Get To Done® is both online software and cards on walls. We have worked hard to bring this unique tool to you so that you have full support for writing and managing complex backlogs. Stop regressing! Getting Scrum implemented right is hard, your software tool needs to support the right behaviors or groups often regress. Your registration includes, free of charge, lifetime access* to Get To Done® (a value of $60 per year). *Access expires if account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months.

Find out more here:  http://gettodone.com/get-the-faq/

Required Reading – Scrum 101: A Pocket Guide

Get the introductory scoop on Scrum. Learn the basics on Scrum roles, events and artifacts. Scrum 101 is a back pocket guide to prepare you for Certified ScrumMaster Training (CSM) or get you ready to enter your first sprint.

Download Scrum 101 with your class registration (a $39.99 value).


The course is an intensive interactive session designed to leverage your experiences so that you can explore the practice of Scrum and relate it to your work environment.

  • Leverage Natural Rhythms and Time-boxing
  • Establish a flow of product delivery
  • Details ScrumMasterProduct Owner and The Team
  • Use Sprint Planning and Release Planning techniques
  • Build and groom both the Product Backlog & Sprint Backlog
  • Write User Stories and other kinds of Stories to build robust Capabilities
  • Understand the purpose of Sprint Review and Retrospective
  • Build cross-functional teams
  • Scaling for the Enterprise and Multi-Team Environments
  • Use progress metrics to inform decision making
  • Estimate and size work items
  • Leverage a Buildup Chart over a Burndown Chart
  • Use Sprint Goals to manage expectations

High Quality Training from Top Scrum Experts at 3Back

  • Delivered by leading Scrum trainers in the US
  • Training utilizing modern adult learning practices
  • Robust simulations and relevant Scrum applications


Certification & Scrum Alliance Membership

  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) designation upon  completion of online assessment
  • Two year membership to the  Scrum Alliance ($50 value)

PMI Professional Development Units (PDU’s)

  • PMP’s – 14 PDU’s from PMI® upon completion of this course

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Optional Reading for the Course

Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals (People, Product, and Practices) by Dan Rawsthorne and Doug ShimpDan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp have trained and coached thousands of people, most of them whom are already using Scrum, their most common complaint is that they need help to do it right.  And many (if not most) of them need some help.

This book is for them and others like them.

This book is not an introductory text. Dan and Doug assume that those who read this book know, or think they know, something about Scrum. This book takes a deep, exploratory, look into the Scrum framework, and offers advice about how to think about it, and how to use it. Some of this advice is philosophical, some is pragmatic, some is practical, and some of it is controversial.

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