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Leading Remote Scrum Teams (LRST) — Live Online

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Sep 25

Registration for this course is closed!


September 25
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Leading Remote Scrum Teams (LRST)


Senior Agility Instructor & President
1.855.32.3BACK ext 322


Live Online

Requires a microphone, webcam, and internet connection. All materials will be delivered electronically.


PREQUISITES Read Scrum 101
OUTCOME Remote Team Engagement

Remote team environments are complex, and team-complexity is often amplified by complex work. Scrum is a lightweight process framework suitable for leading remote teams. Designed to improve output through emphasizing team dynamics, well-formed Scrum teams are renowned for adapting-to and capitalizing on their environments, enabling a greater focus on workflow.

3Back’s Leading Remote Scrum Teams training provides the tools and information necessary to help your company’s teams implement scrum-based tactics. In this course, students will use a robust simulation that provides an intensive hands-on experience combined with a solid conceptual foundation. This combination results in graduates of Remote Scrum Teams who are capable of making well-informed decisions based on evidence.

Hands-on applied course.

What You Get

Course Materials
  • Single-Team Scrum Handbook
  • Get To Done, Zoom, G-Suite Tools
4 audit-proof PMI PDUs
SEUs and Continue Education CUEs
Training from the Experts
A Fun and Memorable Learning Experience

Feedback is Paramount

See What Our Students Are Saying

At mid day on Day 1, I felt that we had spent too much time on fundamentals of Scrum. For an A-CSM course, I expected to jump straight into more advanced topics. I enjoyed Day 2 more for that reason. I also realized that some so-called 'basic' topics are more nuanced than I thought.

This course was very insightful in that it helped me realize the Scrum process used at my company has flaws. It also helped me pin point these flaws.

As an inexperienced member of a Scrum Team, that is practicing Scrum, I found this course really helpful in providing me the foundation needed to further grow into a Product Ownership (Product Champion) role. I've been able to spot changes that I will be able to recommend to the team.

Course was paced well. Material excellent. Instructor very knowledgeable.

Great courses. Lots of info. Have learned actual meaning of some of the terminology, will be able to translate this to better use of my Teams.

Less teacher to student than community of peers. Highly discussion based. Fewer demonstrations than CSM [Certified Scrum Master]. More focus on unique issues across multiple places of work than learning principles.

I definitely feel more comfortable in regards to the process of Scrum. Dan is very much a Subject Matter Expert and it shows. I enjoyed the way Dan was able to break things down into real world examples.


The ½ day Leading Remote Scrum Teams class is an intensive applied session designed to help participants immediately apply improvement steps to their current situation.

Overview of Scrum
  • Scrum In a Nutshell
Work the Backlog
The Scrum Roles
Cultural Factors and Accountability
Tools and Practices

Required Reading

Scrum 101

Scrum 101

Real World Scrum Knowledge. In Your Back Pocket. For anyone who is new to the world of Scrum; its foundations, its principles, its nuances, there’s a lot to digest. That’s the inspiration behind Scrum 101, to cut through some of the high level, intellectual, book smart aspects of Scrum… Read More

Optional Reading

Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals

Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals

By Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp

This book takes a deep, exploratory, look into the Scrum framework, and offers advice about how to think about it, and how to use it. Some of this advice is philosophical, some is pragmatic, some is practical, and some of it is controversial.

This book is not an introductory text.

3Back Exclusive

Scrum Tools

Get To Done

Get To Done® is both online software and cards on walls. We have worked hard to bring this unique tool to you so that you have full support for writing and managing complex backlogs. Stop regressing! Getting Scrum implemented right is hard, your software tool needs to support the right behaviors or groups often regress.

Scrum Dictionary

Scrum Dictionary exists for one simple reason. Words matter. In the world of Agile frameworks, words matter event more. Scrum Dictionary removes the lexicon noise and delivers a clear, concise definition of Agile terms, complete with examples and related terminology, in a format that's as user-friendly as they come.

Leading Remote Scrum Teams Training Benefits

So you want to learn Scrum. But is training really worth it?
What can training give you that reading a few books can’t?


Transforming your team or organization to a new methodology is a big undertaking. Organized training will give you the kickstart you need and save you valuable time otherwise wasted on costly trial and error.


Studies show that when learners “do and say,” they experience an increase of knowledge retention up to 80% over reading alone.


Books and blogs are good knowledge resources. Skill, however, is acquired by doing. There is simply no replacement for the skill building that occurs with hands-on activities and real-life simulations.

Who Should Attend

Scrum attendees

There is no right or wrong person to attend this training. In fact, the most successful agile adoptions have included training for everyone, right down to Finance and Sales staff. Scrum training is especially appropriate for anyone in the corporate structure dealing with rapidly changing demands. In a traditional organization, these roles might include:

Project Managers
Program Managers
Technical Writers
Product Managers
QA Staff

What Industries

Use Scrum?

Scrum industries

The most popular use of Scrum is for software development in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, education, information technology, government programs and supply chain management. But Scrum goes beyond software development! We’ve known organizations and individuals who have used Scrum for graphic design, wedding planning, data warehousing, consulting, classroom projects, household management, auto salvage yards and much more. Scrum is appropriate for almost any complex project with rapidly changing or emergent requirements, regardless of the industry.

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