6 Criteria for Good Stories

The most important unit of work for a Scrum Team is the Story. The Story is a unit of work (Item) that the Team does ‘all at once.’ Stories provide small units of value, such as a complete or partial Capability, a Chore or resolution of an Issue or Risk.

In general, we think of a Story as simply a request for the Team to do something of value. This does not mean releasable value; that’s what Capabilities are for. It does mean demonstrable, testable and verifiable value; as the Team needs to be able to inspect and adapt based on the results.

Writing a good story can be easier said than done. To assist in this endeavor, we offer the INVEST acronym, originated by Bill Wake1. INVEST provides  6 Criteria for writing good Stories.


If you’re looking for more help on writing good Stories,
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As Always, Stay Agile.

 1 Xp123.com, blog on INVEST in 2003.