4 Scrum Stats That Management (And Your Team) Need To Know

In this season of thanks, we at 3Back are thankful that Scrum continues to prove itself as an influential, effective, and expanding Agile methodology. Despite our gratitude, we also know that there are others out there (maybe it’s your management or that Team Member who is less than thrilled with the recent switch to Scrum) who may need a little more convincing. If you’re on a quest to bring the benefits of Scrum to your Team but there are some key folks still on the fence, we’ve got some outstanding analytics to share which may get them off the fence and into a Sprint.

Scrum Alliance® conducted their annual survey of nearly 5,000 people about their use of Scrum. Here are 4 statistics courtesy of Scrum Alliance® 2015 State of Scrum Report that are sure to make your management team give thanks for Scrum too.

87% Make Teams Better - Scrum Stats

1. Scrum makes Teams better.

87% agree that Scrum improves the quality of work life for their Teams.

81% Certifications Improve Practice - Scrum Stats

2. Certifications improve Scrum in practice.

81% believe certifications improve their use of Scrum.

62% Successful Scrum Projects - Scrum Stats

3. Scrum makes projects successful.

The overall success rate of projects delivered using Scrum is 62%.

95% Strong Scrum Future - Scrum Stats

4. The future of Scrum is strong.

95% will continue to use Scrum.

Give your Team the gift of Scrum and share these Scrumtastic stats with management. And before you reach for that second helping of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, join us in giving a quick thanks to Scrum. Scrum deserves it.

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