Distinctly 3Back Adages: Our Agile Attractors

There’s something about those first few days of the New Year – the excitement, the rejuvenation. It’s like everyone is on their toes, ready to make a fresh start and enter a fantastic new Sprint. That’s exactly how we feel as we embark on 3Back’s new ventures in 2016.

At the end of 2015, we revealed our MVAs for 2016 – our vision of expanding our reach to become an Agile Recognition Authority. Now, in the spirit of the New Year and of Resolutions that guide our actions, we’d like to share more about our Agile Attractors.

What is an Agile Attractor?

You’re probably familiar with these adages: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” “A watched pot never boils,” and “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” These adages, and many more are engrained in our culture, accepted and understood as sound life guidance.

We think of Agile Attractors as distinctly 3Back adages. They shape our thoughts and actions, as a Team and as individuals. They attract our thinking and in the process inspire and mobilize each of us to take on our own Agile role within our team.

Are Agile Attractors the same as standards? No, they do more than set expectations. Are they values? Again, no, because they are not “one size fits all.” Just as we pull work during a Sprint, we pull the Agile Attractor that reflects what may be happening in our environment at any particular time.

As a Team, we have developed several Agile Attractors. Over the coming year, we will introduce each Agile Attractor to you, and here’s one to start, with a uniquely 3Back explanation.

Agile Attractor #1: Bias for Action

3Back-Bias-for-ActionWhen it comes to doing our work, you won’t find us sitting around spinning our wheels. We move early and often; seeking out feedback from our clients and our team, gathering answers to our questions, changing our course if needed, revisiting our ideas and decisions and getting our stuff done. We hate dirty dishes, meaning we don’t let our work pile up. We move forward, take action, learn and reflect.

Each Agile Attractor on its own embodies our vision of becoming an Agile Recognition Authority. As a whole, they serve to build our foundation for what is to come in 2016.

Stay tuned.

And, as Always, Stay Agile.