The 3Back Spotlight: Agile Attractor #4


Building on our first three Agile Attractors, Bias for Action, Laugh Often and Smile, Avoid and Eliminate Confusion, we are pleased to pucker up and introduce our next Agile Attractor:

KISS (Keep It Seriously Simple)

KISS Agile Attractor #4There’s something to be said for elegant solutions. Solutions that are clear, clean, simple. And ingenious. Solutions that are invented by first asking, “Is it necessary?” Solutions that are grounded in best practices, not in bells and whistles. In everything we do, we search for the simple. Whether we are coaching, consulting or creating, we Keep It Seriously Simple. Because simply put, that’s what always works best.

So simple, yet so sound and so strong. And, so seriously Scrummy.

Next up? Agile Attractor #5, coming your way soon.

As Always, Stay Agile.