Quality Products at a Sustainable Pace: Agile Attractor #6


We’ve introduced five Agile Attractors: Bias for Action, Laugh Often and Smile, Avoid and Eliminate Confusion, KISS, and No Head Works Alone. (If you’re scratching your head wondering, “What’s an Agile Attractor? And how can it help me and my Team?” We’ve got your answer here.)

It’s time to reveal our Agile Attractor #6.

Quality Products at a Sustainable Pace

3Back-Agile-Attractors Quality Products at a Sustainable PaceWe strive to produce great work at a rate that is not too fast and not too slow, but just right; where we can discover, design and deliver at a comfortable, consistent, and challenging pace. Finding and maintaining that sweet spot cultivates Teams grounded in producing quality products at a sustainable pace.

It’s a Goldilocks thing, really. Not too fast, Not too slow, but just right.

Agile Attractor #7 is coming down the pike.

As Always, Stay Agile.