The 3Back Spotlight: Agile Attractor #3


We started 2016 by presenting our Agile Attractors, our distinctly 3Back Adages which attract our thinking and align with what we may be experiencing in our 3Back environment at a given time. Thus far we’ve introduced two Agile Attractors:

A drumroll, please. It’s time for our next Agile Attractor.

Avoid and Eliminate Confusion

3Back-Agile-Attractor-Avoid-and-Eliminate-ConfusionThe reality is that work, especially complex work that we love, is inherently messy, and confusion can quickly boil to the surface. We take great pains to reduce confusion and gain clarity so that we deliver the right product at the right time. We limit our work in progress, making it easier to steer our energy and move forward. We build in feedback loops within our team and with our clients to make sure we’re on the right track. We strive to be consummate analysts, frequently inspecting and adapting to meet our clients’ needs.

Doesn’t this one just get to the crux of Agile? Inspecting, adapting, breaking down work, gathering feedback – it’s that Scrummy pulse we feel coursing through every Sprint. And now, it’s one of our Agile Attractors. Stay tuned for Agile Attractor #4, coming your way soon.

As Always, Stay Agile.