Pathways to Scrum Team Mastery


If you could have four great tools in your pocket to nurture your Scrum team to their highest output, what would you need?  You would need to see the product, the challenge, and the way to solve it from the point of view of each team member.  Let’s talk about the four perspectives.

Through the eyes of the Integrator on your team, see inclusion.  Ask:  How is the product reflecting the values of the stakeholders? 

Through the eyes of the Organizer on your team, see structure.  Ask:  What is the criteria for decision making?leading quad

Though the eyes of the Producer on your team, see results.  Ask:  Who is best suited for which task?

Through the eyes of the Visionary on your team, see possibilities.  Ask:  What are we willing to risk?

These four “lens” or perspectives will lead your team to higher collaboration patterns, which will result in better designed product solutions for your customers.

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