Setting our Sights on 2016

3Back 2016 Sights

All good Scrum practitioners know, you can’t end a year without thoughtfully entering into Retro-mode. At 3Back, we’re no different. While our driving force remains the same as it has been from day one: To Make Teams Better, as we close out 2015, we can’t help but pause, smile and think, “What a year it’s been!” We’ve grown, adapted and learned. Turning the corner into 2016 finds us honing some big picture ideas and exploring where we want to go in 2016.

Coming Soon: Our MVA’s

Where we want to go in 2016 is solidly grounded in our MVA’s. MVA stands for Mission, Vision, and Agile Attractors. Simply put, our MVA’s are our backbone and our North Star. They center us, unite us and inspire us to do great things for our clients. And in the coming year our MVA’s will bring intriguing changes to all of you pursuing improvement in your agility.

In short, you spoke, and we listened. Your feedback, requests and ideas served as our guide, shaping how we can expand our reach to better help you with all things Agile. And so, as a Team, we set our sights on becoming an Agile Recognition Authority in 2016.

What Will Becoming an Agile Recognition Authority Look Like?

It will look like new partnerships, new offerings and new programs. All framed in the Agile Fundamentals and real-world experience that is undeniably 3Back.

Here’s to ringing in a happy New Year. And here’s to making it an exciting and Agile one.

There’s great stuff coming your way in 2016. Stay tuned.

As Always, Stay Agile.