Don’t Miss Marcelo Lopez at LeanAgileUS 2017

LeanAgileUS LogoCome discover what Scrum is, by learning and understanding what it isn’t. Listen to and engage with 3Back’s Marcelo Lopez, an Agile/Scrum expert, at LeanAgileUS 2017, February 27-28th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This isn’t an “exhaustive Scrum” treatise, but Scrum wasn’t meant to be “exhaustive.” Not to the Team, and not to organizations.

3 Roles, 4 Events, 5 Artifacts. Sounds easy… Or is it? You may uncover why Scaling Agility needs a good Scrum to do so, and why you might not be safe if “We do Scrum, but…”

LeanAgileUS is a new conference offering opportunities to connect with fellow Agilistas and learn from experts in the Agile field from the US and across the globe. On Day 1, Marcelo will be presenting ‘Intro to Scrum,’ and we guarantee it will be a presentation unlike any you have seen before. With the promise of sparking technology innovation and developing local talent, this conference is a don’t miss event. Check out all the event schedule.

Intrigued? We are.
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