Layering Agility and Technical Debt Seminars at Directions 2012 Conference

We just completed a couple of talks at the Directions 2012 conference in Phoenix, AZ. Both of these topics are described in more depth in our book on Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentalslayered agility organizations scrum

Agility, Scrum and Technical Debt

During this session we will explore 3 closely related aspects of effective agile project management. Agility has formalized this approach in the form of various “agile methods” that embed short development cycles and rapid feedback from end users to bring better products to the marketplace… Ask for this Seminar

Layering Agility

Agility is all about keeping things in balance, and knowing what can be manipulated and what can’t. This session discusses the different levels of agility found in an organization… Ask for this Seminar