Nine Benefits of Scrum Alliance Scrum Training with 3Back

Top 9 Benefits of Scrum Alliance Training with 3Back

3Back has chosen to offer the best-in-class, Scrum Alliance-approved training and certification programs. 3Back is a Recognized Education Provider (REP) from the Scrum Alliance and has developed each course to ensure it meets the exacting standards established by the Scrum Alliance. The Scrum Alliance's certified credentials are industry-leading and recognized worldwide. In addition, the Scrum Alliance certifications have undergone thousands of hours of improvement and validation. Look for the Scrum Alliance’s seal of approval for your 3Back certification or program development needs.  

Top Nine Benefits:

1. Exceptional Guides

Scrum, a popular agile framework, is regularly misapplied and its benefits are under-realized. That's where we come in —, 3Back uses Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) and agile coaches who have been rigorously vetted. We guide you, your team, or your organization to quickly and successfully apply Scrum. Guided.


2. The Best Materials

We have developed our materials from decades of experience in applied practice and feedback. Our collection of materials emphasizes what works and, more importantly, avoids what doesn't. We have authored the Scrum Leadership Series of books that are the foundation for our training offerings. Knowledgeable.


3. Bundle+

We include everything you need in robust bundles — no surprises. Our bundles include Courses, Study Guides, and Open Office Hours. Each bundle+ delivers through a combination of learning modalities: On-Demand, Guided Discussion, StudyBuddies, Live Online, Direct Instructor Interaction, and more. Look for Bundle+.


4. Guaranteed to Run

All certification courses listed are Guaranteed to Run — even if there's only one student — they happen. We will not postpone classes due to low enrollment; we promise never to do that. Dependable.


5. New Insights

If you're like most tech-savvy professionals, you're always on the lookout for better, faster ways to do your work. We help you explore key insights and benefits of using Scrum methodology and agile thinking in your workflow. Fresh Ideas.


6. Unrivaled Support

Looking for comprehensive support in learning Scrum: Look no further than our unrivaled Well-Formed Team at thought coaching. Spend time with our experts, who can provide instruction, guidance, and coaching to help you get up to speed quickly and effectively. Partners.


7. Active Learning

Active Learning is an essential component in Scrum. In Scrum, each team is responsible for assessing its problems and taking meaningful steps to achieve them. As you explore Scrum at 3Back, we will encourage active learning in individuals, teams, and organizations — simply because it is fundamental to deep, complex problem-solving and learning. Applied.


8. Learning Objectives-Based

3Back’s Scrum Certified courses were developed against the gold standard of the Scrum Alliance Learning Objectives and vetted to enhance the efficacy of learning outcomes. As a result, 3Back Agility Instructors spend more time guiding learning outcomes toward applied practice. Learn today, apply tomorrow. Structured.


9. Scrum Pathway®

Scrum Pathway is a concept developed by 3Back, which tightly couples theory with the domain of practice. Our Scrum Pathway puts ‘just-do-it’ at the center of things, rather than the instructor, as we see in traditional institution-driven learning approaches. Develop your experience-driven expertise. Adaptive.

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