Agile Is Going Mainstream But They Still Don’t Get It

Agile is gaining mainstream acceptance. In a recent poll run by business week they ranked agile software development as item #33 (read here) in things that are shaping the business world.

This is great and seeing agile gain acceptance at this level, as well as publications from mainstream places like Business Week and CNN, is a huge step forward.[contextly_sidebar id=”lK58UUH2Pz2chbupLQkffamlfsHSNgFk”]Why they don’t seem to “get it”
Many of the remaining trends are focused on individuals and not teams. This continues to be counter to the agile movement where brilliance is really a team commodity and that corporations are still looking for the individual to lead them to greatness. Our need for education remains strong in the area of teaching people to join teams and leverage the emergent qualities of social brilliance. In other words have a conversation that establisher a trusted report so that we get smart together.