Agile vs Waterfall: A Tale of Two Teams

Agile vs Waterfall Video Reactions:

Kate and Rusty have the same goals: to build a great product for their client. Their approaches, outcomes, and results are very different. Neither is right nor wrong. BUT I sure know which team I would appreciate.

Tear down the walls of silos, put multiple heads on a problem, and engaging the client frequently are all hallmarks of agility and gaining business value. Every wonder how they get those video games to market so fast? Agility. Proudly deliver a product every two weeks to your clients…

Agility is the ultimate in teamwork. Projects move fast and everyone pulls their own work, thereby creating accountability. Boss-worker mentality is a thing of the past. Kate’s team stays fresh and motivated. Rusty’s team has a hard time staying in for the long haul.
Which team are you on?