Agile’s Big Rule

The team will adapt it’s process and  improve their ability to deliver quality product within organizational constraints.

All good agile processes follow Agile’s Big Rule and are targeted at creating and sustaining well formed teams. A good agile process contains both the seed of it’s own evaluation and the seed for the product’s evaluation.  This forms a double feedback loop. Both loops are owned and managed by the team. The team is the fundamental unit in an agile organization.  Therefore the process cannot be too big otherwise the team cannot adequately focus on the needs of the product or it’s development effort. Agile process are characterized as light weight and not large mind consuming systematized thought models

The following list of process would qualify..

  • Scrum
  • FDD
  • Kanban
  • Lean
  • Agile (some methods called Agile that others have built, often proprietary)
  • Crystal