Scrum Team’s Purpose

The Scrum Team’s purpose is to create a result that satisfies the Stakeholders needs, wants and desires, often so that more demand for their services is generated. This production is done through a series of relatively short, fixed-length iterations, called Sprints, in which results are produced by working on items that lead up to satisfying the stakeholders.
Stakeholders can be anyone who has an interest in the product. Important stakeholders are those who are requesting the product and often (almost always for commercial products) end users. End users are often considered the person who pays for the product (your customer) but, this is not true for all products. A classic example is medical making software for equipment. In the medical industry, you often build the product to 1st satisfy the end user buyer and then figure out what is best for the end user.
Top 10 Books for teamsRegardless of who your Stakeholders are and your end user is there are a few assumptions that are worth noting in “agile / scrum development“.
  • there is a flow of work
  • the work is conceptually demanding enough to warrant a scrum team
  • there is a well formed team available to do that work

When these assumptions are not valid then scrum implementations get very interesting 🙂