Well Formed Teams and the Agile Pathway

When people consider what got them to their current market or look closely at how their competitors are succeeding they see smart, sharp, fast hyper-productive teams. They find that some organizations possess a knack for rapidly configuring themselves into a shape and deploying their hyper-productive teams to rapidly build new product capabilities. Some competitive organizations can do this within days or a few months not years. By the time a competitive analysis is completed of what the competition is doing the market is already changing and moving on. What we see is a need for continuous analysis, consumption of that analysis and a rapid deployment of new capabilities.[contextly_sidebar id=”K2BRT1hDV3e3OLM7AZVQuk9KuRU7HVSR”]After peering closely at what got them to their current position of success we see a “well formed team”. It is amazing how quickly people in corporate america can forget the power that was present from these teams and what they are able to produce. Well-Formed Teams (WFT) can be developed using the Scrum Pathway and forms a starting pattern for reacquiring that secret sauce that was working. One thing is clear. A WFT was at the heart of their success and every time they try to create that magic without a WFT ideas just don’t seem to flourish. A great WFT exhibits Team Swarm especially, on software development efforts.