Agile Analysis

ScopeWhat is agile analysis?

Simple put, “finding the stories anyway you can”.

Analysis is classically defined in the dictionary as breaking something down into it’s component parts or pieces. We will explore a different definition of analysis so that it supports the notion of agile / scrum product development.

Analysis is finding an opportunity to proceed and agile analysis is finding those opportunities any way you can.  Typically in agile we use stories as the fundamental element in analysis. We use stories as a way to drive the team or channel the teams effort toward desired outcomes.  In scrum, stories are prioritized by the Product Owner who may or may not have found them.

When we do agile analysis we are finding these stories anyway we can. The goal is to cause movement. Movement from the team will reveal issues, realities and impediments faster. The more complex a problem then the more we are looking for ways to move which will allow us to explore the problem from other angels.  The exploration of a problem space is analysis and it often yields more opportunities  to stories. There are many techniques we can use to find stories (i.e. Use Cases, CVA, User Roles, Themes, Epics  etc).

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