Certified Scrum Developer

The Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) program is a new program launched by the minds at that Scrum Alliance. The new CSD program will be delivered in tool specific context while the lessons are tool agnostics. However, it has become clear that in order to understand why these practices are tool agnostic a developer must master them in the context of a tool.

The Scrum Alliance offers the industry leading certification in agile and brings to bear it’s expertise and helping professional and organization recognize and adopt modern development practices.

Overview of Scrum Developer Essential Skill Training

  • Developing Product Backlog Items into meaningful demonstrably done work
  • Using tools like Scrum for Team System to setup and manage work in a scrum like manner. Again this can be done tool agnostic
  • Test Driven Development
  • Automate Testing
  • Continous Integration
  • Decomposing PBI for a sprint planning session
  • Commitment Based Planning vs Velocity Based Planning
  • Monitoring Progress with Agile Metrics for both a release and a sprint
  • Using existing frameworks for appropriate architecture and design
  • TDD and partnering so that “No head works along”
  • Understand done for a task, story, sprint and release
  • Scrum Rules, Roles and how a Scrum Developer fits in

There will be variations of the program offered and those variations will be noted here as new information becomes known.