Team Fragmentation

Team fragmentation occurs when there is a lack of unifying purpose in product development work. For simple groups this is often referred to as task orientation. Since the word task is so heavily loaded in agile project management or an any agile / scrum team our industry commonly uses team fragmentation.

In agile distributed teams can easily become fragmented from lack of task orientation. For a distributed scrum agile teamscrum team fragmentation this can be very challenging. Most organizations are faced with the reality of distributed team work in the form of offshore or nearshore typically done as outsourcing.

  • How do you manage these teams?
  • How do you bring new team up to speed?
  • What tools do we use?
  • How do you juggle time zones?
  • Language barriers?
  • Cultural barriers?
  • How do you form effective team habits and without getting blinded by process fog?

Successfully developing a product with a distributed agile team is a modern day challenge most companies.  For the 3Back team this topic is one of our favorite.