How do you fill a sprint?

Multiple Choice:

  1. You get past work experience. And calculate the amount of work the team can handlestory fill sprint epic too big
  2. Get estimates from the team and double the number they give you to determine work load.
  3. Meet with each individual and see how much work they can take on. Build a sprint plan from that information. Then gather everyone, show the sprint plan and kickoff the team sprint.
  4. Use the PO/SM powers to challenge the team to take big bites. Get as much loaded in the sprint as possible. The PO/SM can form a powerful pincer to overcome resistance.
  5. This is sprint planning.  You commit one story at a time. Make sure the team is committing to sharp definitions of done.

Comment: After a Story is committed to, the Team (with the PO in the lead) has the option to reprioritize the Story list, and the Team takes the next one to consider. Once again, the Team comes to the “doneness” Agreement and commits to adding the Story to the list of already-committed-to Stories. This process is repeated until the Sprint is “full” and the Sprint Plan is complete.