Should we extend Scrum?

Multiple Choice:

  1. Sure, thats what agile/scrum is all about.
  2. Sure, you might wonder if you are making things harder to detect.
  3. No way !!!


The idea here is that there can be only one source for Scrum. I guess that depends on where you get your definition from and what you need.

Should there be only one way to think about scrum? Probably not, although,  a rookie mistake is to modify without have deep applied practice and experience under your belt.

Should there be one clean centering definition? I hope so. The 1st common mistake we see people make is modifying scrum without understanding it. They often confuse themselves and their organization.

Advice: Refrain from thinking about extending scrum or modifying it. It needs very little and all we seem to do is over complicate things.