Should Retrospective Notes be Publically Posted

scrum questionsBelow is a conversation between Joe ScrumMaster and Scrum Coach.

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 7:21 AM, Joe ScrumMaster wrote:
Hi Scrum Coach,
I have question for you regarding the Sprint Retrospective. Should the notes a ScrumMaster take during this meeting be publicly posted for interested folks to read?
Joe Scrum Master

Hi Joe Scrum Master,
Good to hear from you.
I would be careful with this kind of information. Focus instead on what scrum goals came out of the team meeting. Sensitive conversations need to be handled gingerly. Some of them can blow up into an HR issue. If it were me I would like an opportunity to get better without being public-ally embarrassed. As long as you (ScrumMaster) see a movement to improve then let people improve with grace.
Focus on team goals and key learnings. It is not a data thing. We are dealing with a system of people and the message matters.
All of the observations a ScrumMaster might take should not be made public.
Hope that helps.
– Scrum Coach
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