Scrum Out of the Nutshell

This will be the first in a series of video talks from 3Back. This is a primer or refresh of what Scrum is. This talk was given by Doug Shimp, partner and founder of 3Back. There will be several more videos coming that will develop a knowledge track. We hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment on your experience.

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Here is an excel spreadsheet that has been provided to many of our clients.

This tool is made available under the creative commons for your use and modification, please attribute the source.

This tool has two clear foci. The first is task work burndown. How much more before we are done?

This has been used to track daily status for each sprint, sprint burndowns, track stories and tasks. This is a no-frills just bare bones tool for managing the work. It takes a small amount of setup. The current release of this excel requires very little explanation (maybe 🙂 but, if you need help just ask.

The Excel-based tool is for managing the work in an agile product. It tracks and manages both stories and tasks as well as work remaining to complete those tasks. It supports tracking product, release and iteration at the workload burndown. Start using the tool by loading the known Product Backlog into the Product Backlog worksheet and then work through your sprint planning to load to a given sprint. These Product Backlog items can be derived from the planning effort or from interviews with customers and the Product Owner. These Product Backlog items represent the prioritized functional and non-functional requirements for the system to be built. Or from a “Managing the Work in an Agile Project” it represents the work we think we might have to do. Some details about how to derive and estimate the Product Backlog are in the Scrum methodology.

We are happy to provide this for your use. If you are satisfied then please let us know and if not please let us know. This is a simple tool to get started with for a Scrum team. It can handle 15 people or so before become to painful to use and then other scaling options are recomended.

Download The 3Back Scrum Excel Planning Tool Exclusively From 3Back’s Facebook Page

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