Quick Summary of Scrum

Quick Scrum Summary

What follows is a bulleted list for a rapid intro / reminder of Scrum. For Scrum a good metaphor to think of is Race Car, Driver and Mechanic. Can you guess which role in Scrum is Race Car, Drive and Mechanic?scrum race car mechanic driver

3 Roles ScrumMaster (SM), Product Owner (PO) and Team

  • Team 7±2 does the work
  • PO provides the work requests
  • SM provides care for the whole team (PO/Team)
  • Team swarms on the work
  • Team is cross functional
  • Team owns its process
  • PO provides validation for each work request
  • Work is done in short bursts < 30 days each (Sprints)
  • Work starts and stops with Planning and Review
  • Review demo for product; Review retro for process
  • Daily standup detects any adjustments needed
  • PO determines priority as a flow of work requests
  • SM observes and helps the whole team adjust
  • SM tunes the whole team for maximum performance