Clock Watcher Connie

connie scrum team member

Is clock watcher Connie a member of your Scrum Team?

Know a team member who sits in meetings with their arms crossed and brows furrowed?  Is she always watching the clock?  I bet she has more details to share than the rest of the entire team put together. How do we get her to contribute to the conversation?

That would be clock watcher Connie.  Learning through reflection and analysis, she is an asset to any team.  Deep in reflective thought and analyzing the discussion, lends to possible negative body language that can be misinterpreted by team members!  She crosses her arms because she is internalizing the conversation.  As for clock watching, Connie runs a tight schedule and expects other team members to show the same respect.

Challenged with how to implement processes, moving to action is not her strong point.  What to do is always clear, but to her, how to do it is puzzling.  Decisions are ” either/ or ” for Connie; being correct has a high priority.  Clock watcher Connie prefers to think about what will probably happen, rather that what the possibilities are.  Looking historically for solutions is her thought pattern, rather than projecting big picture, risk-taking solutions.  Maximizing certainty is where Connie operates best as a team member.

Connie’s biggest strength is knowing the experts, the data and the latest information from the super highway.  Separating fact from feeling gives Connie the ability to make decisions without personal involvement.  Not getting involved in the drama on the team is a breath of fresh air!  Organization is her strong suit and follow through with projects and reports comes easy to her.  Connie has the utmost respect for authority and expects it to be returned.  Logic and linear thinking come naturally and she will have great patience with you as she explains every detail in the process.

Connie will lead your organization to a reputation of outstanding tradition and prestige. While Connie is not a clock watcher because she is not impatient, Connie is a clock watcher because she does not want her time to be disrespected.  Connie is passionate and focused in trying to Get to Done.

Have you seen her?