Scrum Patterns Explored, Examined and Expounded

Dr. Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp, 3Back’s senior trainers, have created a brand new library of resources for you to delve into on The new Scrum Pattern Library incorporates a collection of blog posts dedicated to describing and discussing Scrum Patterns.

Scrum Patterns Definition Of Done

Scrum Patterns: Definition Of Done

Within each Scrum Pattern blog post, Dan and Doug will:

  • Identify a problem.
  • Pinpoint the pattern.
  • Explain the context of the pattern.
  • Establish a solution.
  • Discuss the critical details of the process.

Scrum Patterns can be distinguished by two distinct categories: patterns that exist in Scrum and patterns that can be applied to Scrum. The first category reflects patterns that are embodied in Scrum itself, such as “Product Owner” or “Well-Formed Team.” The second category represents patterns that can be manipulated to make Scrum work for you, such as “Using Scrum to Scale Scrum.”

The following Scrum Pattern blog posts are ready for you to explore:

Can’t get enough of Scrum Patterns? Looking for supplemental material? Dr. Dan Rawsthorne has also written an e-book, that provides a more in-depth look into Scrum Patterns. “Exploring Scrum: Patterns that Make Scrum Work” is available for purchase.