The Scaling Scrum White Paper

Scaling White Paper Header

No matter the type of product or service an organization provides, it has a singular purpose: to produce Results that provide value to its Stakeholders, and to deliver these Results in the most effective and efficient manner. That’s no easy feat, but eventually, most organizations figure it out.

Over time, something happens. Organizations want to provide even more value to even more Stakeholders. That means growth. Effective and efficient growth. Figuring out how to handle an organization’s growth so that you and your Team can do good work means scaling. And, scaling is hard. Very hard.

That’s why we wrote our Scaling white paper.

The Scaling white paper will help you:

  • Understand the challenges that scaling presents in managing effective and efficient growth.
  • Identify how scaled changes in an organization’s Structure affect its ability to adapt.
  • Discover how organizational Governance works in tandem with Structure to make or break good scaling.
  • Leverage your understanding of scaling to evaluate your organization’s ability to successfully grow and thrive.
  • And much more…