Scrum Application Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: This workshop is designed to directly follow Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner, or Scrum for Teams.


  • Backlog of items to drive a constructive implementation of Scrum.
  • Actual activities and outcome will vary based on the stage of Scrum implementation in your
    organization currently but commonly include Sprint setup, initialization, or improvement.

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Scrum Application Workshop — Overview

3Back’s Scrum Application Workshop is a customized one-day session designed to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and the real world of work. Through intake calls, collaborative conversations and/or discovery during your training class, we’ll identify focus areas to best jumpstart or improve your Scrum practices.Focus areas and activities will vary depending on the current level of Scrum being applied at your organization but commonly include building a backlog of Scrum transition items, writing Stories for the actual product you have in development, building and prioritizing your real-work Backlog, or working on communication flow between the ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Stakeholders
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Why is Scrum Application Important?

Implementing and perfecting Scrum is a large undertaking! Training provides a foundational understanding of the Scrum Framework, but it can be daunting to figure out how to apply this knowledge to one’s own organization. Where do you start? Whether starting a brand new transition or adapting and targeting improvements for an existing one, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 3Back’s Scrum Application Workshop provides onsite guidance on how to best apply the Scrum Framework at your organization, allowing you to migrate the training’s foundation to your real world of work. Your 3Back Scrum expert will provide direction on how to start or optimize your Scrum practices and then get their hands dirty with you to help initialize and/or adapt Scrum on the actual products you’re developing.

Scrum Application Workshop — Agenda

Scrum-Board-Software-Get-To-DoneThe final agenda for this customized workshop will be designed collaboratively with you and your organization based on improvement areas identified during preceding conversations and training. Common focus areas may include:

  • Applying and Clarifying Scrum Language and Terminology
  • Mapping Traditional Positions to the Roles of Scrum
  • Identification of Individuals Suitable for the ScrumMaster and Product Owner Roles
  • Clarification and Identification of Management Roles in the Scrum Environment
  • Story Writing and Estimation
  • ‘Definition of Done’ and Acceptance Criteria
  • Backlog Creation – Analysis and Discussion
  • Backlog Prioritization
  • Sprint Initialization
  • Identification of Opportunities to Apply and Adapt the Scrum Framework
  • Applying Scrum with Scrum

Workshop Goals and Objectives

  • Quick-start adaptation of the Scrum framework with clear direction and confidence
  • Increasing effective communication between ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Development Team Members and Leadership
  • Adapting the Scrum framework to your organization’s unique environment
  • Identifying a Scrum Pathway® for effective implementation
  • Creating and grooming your Scrum transition backlog

Who Should Attend?

The Scrum Application Workshop is appropriate for those who will be responsible for driving Scrum forward in your organization. These roles may include:

  • ScrumMasters (or those targeted to fill the ScrumMaster role)
  • Product Owners (or those targeted to fill the Product Owner role)
  • Team Leads
  • Managers
  • Stakeholders
  • Leadership
  • Development Team Members

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