The ScrumMaster

The ScrumMaster

ScrumMaster is a role in the Scrum Methodology. Sometimes it is written as “Scrum Master“. ¬†Either spelling is correct and commonly used. The reason for the spelling is related to naming conventions in software development and the original Wiki. The ScrumMaster is responsible for the health of the team. They are sometimes referred to as the project manager but, this title is usually not appropriate.

The ScrumMaster removes impediments or helps identify impediments to be removed. The ScrumMaster helps both the team and the organization become better. A good ScrumMaster is someone who likes to work with people and can establish a pattern of continuous improvement.

The role of Scrum Master is distinctly and purposefully separated from that of the Product Owner so that there is a balance in both a a separation of interest and concerns.

A ScrumMaster with technical background is not required but, can help. However, the ScrumMaster does need to be passionate about people.

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