Scrum for Leadership

Duration: 1/2 or full day on-site
Prerequisites: None
Outcome: Knowledge and tools to support Scrum in your organization

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Scrum for Leadership — Overview

3Back’s Scrum for Leadership workshop highlights the unique and critical role Leadership plays in the success of Scrum in your organization through a combination of hands-on activities, group discussion and quality instruction. Your Leadership Team will gain a foundational understanding of the Scrum framework, discuss the organizational benefits of Scrum and discover Leadership’s role in building and maintaining a productive Scrum environment within your company.

  • Discover the benefits and fundamentals of the Scrum framework
  • Understand the unique role Leadership plays in the Scrum environment
  • Uncover what it takes to do Scrum successfully
  • Examine the impact of Scrum on people, practices and products
  • Acquire the foundational knowledge necessary to support Scrum in real-world work at your company

Why Scrum For Leadership Training?

Change can be uncomfortable and impacts everyone in an organization. For positive change to take hold, buy-in and understanding on all levels is critical and it is up to Leadership to lead the way.

  • Time = Money

    Time is often scarce for those at the top of a busy organization. 3Back’s Scrum for Leadership workshop cherry-picks the information pertinent to executives and provides focused condensed training on the issues that matter most.

  • Lead by Example

    turn knowledge into action conceptIt’s important to send the right message with your actions. Don’t send a message to your employees that your organization’s Scrum implementation isn’t worth your own time and energy. Let them see that you’re just as committed as you expect them to be.

  • Gain and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

    Companies lacking a cohesive plan of action rarely make the Fortune 500 list. Understanding how and why your organization works is critical in achieving cohesive messaging, planning and implementation. Your development framework is no exception. Understanding the basic workings of Scrum will allow you to nourish and support thriving development teams.

  • Eliminate Confusion

    Misunderstandings are costly, both in time and energy. A lack of understanding can be frustrating and demotivating to otherwise dedicated employees. Knowing the fundamentals advocated by Scrum will ensure everyone is on the same page and speaking the same language, regardless of their role in your organization.

Scrum for Leadership — Agenda

This hands-on workshop will reveal the benefits and foundations of the Scrum framework and how Leadership can best support Scrum Teams in the organization. The following topics will be covered:

  • Defining the Scrum Framework
  • Comparison of Scrum and Traditional Methodologies
  • Building a Case for Scrum
  • Benefits of the Scrum Framework
  • Utilizing Transparency to Inform Decision Making
  • Leadership Considerations for Successful Scrum
  • Supporting Scrum Teams in the Organization

Full day version will also include:

  • Organizational Constraints
  • Removing Organizational Impediments
  • Engaging Management in the Scrum Process
  • Impacting Agile Attractors
  • Metrics and Reports that Inform Decision Making
  • Developing a Plan for Scrum Integration


Outcomes of Training

  • Understanding of Leadership’s unique role in facilitating and supporting a successful Scrum application
  • Alignment of Scrum comprehension between Leadership, your Scrum Teams and others involved in your Scrum practice
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of the benefits and value of Scrum for your organization
  • Enhanced visibility to build effective communication patterns between Leadership, Management and your Scrum Teams
  • Integration plan for Scrum in your organization (full day only)

Who Should Attend?Business heroes couple with red cloak

3Back’s Scrum for Leadership workshop focuses on the topics most impactful to the top level of the organization. This level needs to have an understanding of how the organization functions in order to successfully support and implement effective change. Therefore, Scrum for Leadership is recommended for:

  • Staff Members Driving or Championing Scrum
  • CXO and VP-Level Staff
  • Director Level and Upper Management
  • Other Key Executive and Leadership Roles

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